Back in The Saddle Again

After an interesting nine months, I’m back in the wonderful dry heat of Arizona and I couldn’t be happier. I plan on hitting the ground running and it all starts with finding a job. In the meantime I will be looking to make a few more YouTube videos to upload, as well as take on another venture with Salute Media. Salute Media will be a project involving several very good friends I deployed with recently, who are all looking to provide a new, inspiring and involved media outlet for anyone – not just military and Veterans. I’ll go into depth more on it in the future, but for now, I just want to thank all my family and friends for supporting me while I was gone.

Check out salute media on their <a title=”Salute Media” href=”” target=”_blank”>facebook</a> page.

As always, thanks for reading!

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Collaboration, Non-profit

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